Captain Action Animated Promo Concepts at Bleeding!

Hey Actioneers!


Before we show you the proof, here’s some pudding!  Our friends at G7 Animation are working hard to assemble the new treatment for the Captain Action series currently in development and soon to be marketed.

The series is getting the royal treatment from our Producer at G7 Tom Tataranowicz  ( Biker Mice from Mars, He Man and the Masters of the Universe , Iron Man) and Animation Director Steve Gordon (X-Men Evolution, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Wolverine and the X-Men) who are working closely with none other than fan favorite veteran comic book and animation writer Marv Wolfman ( Tomb of Dracula, Teen Titans Animated, Epic Mickey 2 Video Game) who has been hard at work on the series tone and creating the series bible. As we are getting ready for our next promo video, we have enlisted  veteran voice actor Wally Wingert ( Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Family Guy, The Tonight Show) to supply the voice of Captain Action and some of our other characters.


Tom Tataranowicz                      Steve Gordon                        Marv Wolfman             Wally Wingert

Now that you’ve had some pudding, click the pic below to get a sneak peek at a couple of conceptual promo poster roughs  for the Captain Action Animated Series which were somehow  leaked  out to Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool!


Team Action