December 2015

ZICA Toys Official Promo Release For Kickstarter!

ZICA Toys has released the following press release and promo photos as we grow closer to the kick off of their Adventure People line Kickstarter in January headed up by Captain Action and his Dr. Evil created evil twin Captain Evil! Here’s Zica’s announcement…

ZICA Toys is very excited to announce the official return of Adventure People! Launching via Kickstarter in January of 2016, the first assortment will consist of Captain Action, Captain Evil, Action Jackson, and Jet Jungle. Each figure will come with a total of 5 interchangeable hand sets which include closed fist, grip, and trigger finger. The grip and trigger finger sets come in two different wrist articulation types, one set has it on the X axis and one has it on the Y axis.

We’re also excited to be bringing back the REMCO brand name with the launch of the Adventure People line. When the Kickstarter goes live we hope we can can count on your support to help add this double dose of retro goodness to your collection.

We can’t wait!!

Happy Holidays!

Team Action


CA Promo SheetCE Promo Sheet

AJ Promo Sheet

JJ Promo









Ultraman: The Lost Captain Action Uniform

Hey Actioneers,

Click the photo below to see The Scoop’s report on the 1966 lost Captain Action uniform set… Ultraman!


Team Action


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