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Collector of the Month: Scott Stewart

Hello all, I’m Scott Stewart and I’m a CA Junky!

I’ve been collecting the good Captain for a few years now.  I started playing with CA back in 1967 when I got the Captain and a 1st issue Phantom costume for a birthday or Christmas present.  I remember going into the PX in Fort Carson, CO and seeing the small shelves filled with GI Joe and Captain Action items – It was great to see them all, even though Dad, as an Army Sergeant at the time, could ill afford them!  For years the Captain shared my toy box with GI Joe and the Marx Action figures.

I remember clearly setting up scenes in my living room and having the opposing sides battle it out to the finish!  My weapon of choice was a big rubber band that I’d take turns shooting across the no-man’s land trying to hit the other side’s forces… If they fell on their back they were wounded and could return the next round, if they spun around and fell on their face they were ‘dead’ until the next battle!  This often degenerated into hand to hand combat with a couple of survivors from each side until only one stood proudly over the carnage!  Phantom was often that sole survivor!

Fast forward through the adolescent years of being too old to play with dolls, 25 years of Army life and materialize in the land of eBay!  It’s 1997 and I rediscover Joe, Marx, and of course Captain Action!  I’ve now got a modest collection of about 12 vintage figures, most vintage accessories, all the Playing Mantis sets, some of the other items like the vinyl carrying case, a repro of the cardboard headquarters and a vintage Silver Streak that I found at a local auction for $30.00.  As you can see in the pictures, I still lean towards The Phantom as my favorite uniform set.  I scratch built the Skull Throne diorama with jewels, skulls and moss in abundance.  The Phantom surveys his land and keeps a close watch on the Knights of Darkness.

I recently built Stewart’s Captain Action, a website with the primary goal of promoting the New Captain and as a price guide for vintage items.  I’m also a frustrated artist and Photoshop user so I’m recreating the ultra-rare Captain Action Store Display and I’m working on some other projects including shelf backgrounds from the vintage artwork and creating my own Headquarters set diorama out of wood, metal, and plastic.

I’m really looking forward to the new incarnation of the Captain and Dr. Evil!  I’ve even got shelf space reserved for them!  “Let Justice Be Done!”.


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