Hey Actioneers!

We are pleased to report the Zica Adventure People Kickstarter has  been improved upon and officially relaunched! Per Zica– “Thanks to being given the opportunity to work with another factory that offered better pricing and terms for production, ZICA Toys has relaunched the Kickstarter for their new Adventure People line with numbers that reflect these advantages. The original funding goal of $50K has been cut in half to $25K, and the price for a single figure has been lowered from $25 to $20. The discounts given for buying the figures in sets brings that price down even lower.

We’re extremely excited about the relaunch, and that we were able to do it so quickly. This gives us the advantage of being able to retain the excitement generated from the initial Kickstarter, which was actually doing fairly well. There’s a lot of cool plans for the new Adventure People line, and hopefully this new factory option will help us make those cool plans into some very cool toys!”

Click the pic below to check out the relaunch!


Team Action

Adventure People Promo

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