June 2007

6/28/07- Ideal Comic ads posted!

Click here to view the original Ideal comic book advertisements, penciled by Silver Age artist Kurt Schaffenberger!

Don’t know who Captain Action is? Explore our Character Background section!

6/20/07 – Fan Art!

Artist submissions wanted for a Fan Art Page! Email your pics of Cap and Company to Joe at

Fan Art by Art Thibert, Colored by Joe Ahearn Art’s NY Comicon quick sketch for me to which I added a bit of color! – Joe Ahearn
Fan Art by Jim Ritchey. Jim Ritchey
Fan Art by Rusty Haller Contributed by Jim Main from Toy Collector’s Journal #1. Art by Rusty Haller.
Carmine Infantino Fan Art This is a colored copy of one of Carmine Infantino‘s pencil sketches for the Playing Mantis Captain Action line circa 1998. Carmine was nice enough to give me this and some of his other roughs which he signed for me also as a thank you for the job. This sketch was not used for the final packaging as it was deemed too comicbook like and not enough like the figure. Personally I liked this better! – Joe Ahearn
Fan Art by Michael Eury Cool little sketch sent to me by my buddy Michael Eury, author of the Captain Action bible, “Captain Action, The Original Super Hero Action Figure” from Twomorrows Publishing.
Dr. Evil Fan Art by Joe Ahearn Here’s a sinister little scribble by me! – Joe Ahearn
Fan Art by Jim Main Super cool Collector’s Button made by Jim Main!
Fan Art by Dial B for Blog. A neat little piece by the curator of the Dial B for Blog website!
Fan Art by Roger Payton Submitted By Bob “Rauty” Rautenstrauch – Art by Roger Payton circa 1999. Check out Rauty’s custom Cap uniforms at
Fan Art by Gene Colan Gene “The Dean” Colan CA sketch, submitted by Jim Main.
Fan Art by Scott Stewart A colored version of a Mark Sparacio sketch, colored and submitted by Scott Stewart.
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