February 2008

Welcome to The Captain’s Blog!!

Hey Actioneers!!

Welcome to our updated website and the beginning of The Captain’s Blog! We’re very pleased with our new site designed by my good friend Jon Stout and are happy to be able to bring you the latest in CA News in a new and more interactive way.

Let Justice Be Done and Let the blogging commence!!


Team Action

CA Enterprises Big NY Comicon Ad!

Take a look at CA Enterprises’ advertisement flyer for the 2008 NYC Comicon!

CA Enterprises Flyer for NYC Comicon 2008

New Captain Action Novella Cover Revealed!

We here at Captain’s Blog are proud to present, for the first time ever, the cover for the official CAPTAIN ACTION comic novella “FIRST MISSION, LAST DAY” — written by master scribe Fabian Nicieza, illustrated by artist and sculptor Ruben Procopio, and published by Moonstone Comics.

C’mon, people. Let me hear you say it: it’s good to be back in action.

Click the thumbnail to view full-size:

Cover to the new CAPTAIN ACTION comic novella

You want more, you say? Head on over to our Projects page.

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