August 2008

Murphy Anderson on Comicon The Pulse!

Our friends at The Pulse just posted an article yesterday featuring our pal Murphy Anderson which also displays the inked version of his NEW COVER for our MidTown Comics variant edition of Captain Action Comics #1! We’ll be posting the final colored version soon!!!

Murphy Anderson Cover

Action Over & Out!

Team Action

Castaway Action Figure Update

Hey Actioneers-

Here’s a memo from the fellas at Castaway on the status of the figures–

Fellow Cast-a-Ways,
Let me begin by apologizing for our lag in communication. We have been hesitant to contact you until we had real news and good time frames to share. As a small business we are struggling very hard to get out our very first figure in Captain Action and Dr. Eville. You have decided to take this journey with us in your order and we appreciate it more than you could know.
The reality is simple we have been delayed once again. Why? The Olympics, Smog, lead paint, extra scrutiny by the Chinese government… take your pick. You have heard them all and it’s likely a combination of all of these things. Just like other bigger toy companies, Hot Toys, Side Show, Tomy all who have been delayed this month so have we. It’s just a reality of having a Chinese factory right now. The truth is the main reason for our delay was that some of our pieces didn’t come back 100% perfect. The boots didn’t look right cut down, the clothes samples came back baggy, the head came back a little big so we requested new molds and samples be made. All these things, on top of high demand and scrutiny means delays in shipping, but we want to insure you a superior product. We don’t want to make the same mistake other small figure companies have made by shipping mistakes. We are dedicated to only ship out high quality items we, ourselves, will be proud to have on our collectible shelves.
This by no means, means we are not shipping high quality action-figures your way as soon as they arrive. It just means we have to ask you to be patient little while longer. I know… you want to know how much longer. I’d love to be able to tell you exactly, but I can’t. All I can give you is the same estimate the factory has given us. They are due to be finished with production by mid September (their words). So logically we can assume that’s three weeks longer. Adding 3 weeks for oceanic shipping, and we have 6 weeks to wait. This is by no means written in stone and we may see them sooner, but for the purposes of letting you know where we are this is the best we can do. Early Bird Specials will ship first of course followed by standard figure orders.
We have not been goofing off though; we have every thing else in place and ready to make the shipment to you as seamless as possible. We have also made sure that the quality of these figures, though later than we thought will be the utmost. We are laying it on the line with these figures and we will not disappoint.
Like I have said in the past, Jason and I are not distributors, toy brokers or third party players. We are Cast-a-Way Toys… the entire company. So when I make these promises to you, it’s from two guys who have invested a large part of their lives and sizable amount of money to see these figures, and many more to come, accomplished. We are not going anywhere, we are not out to take your money and run, and nobody wants to see this go faster than us.
We appreciate your continued patience and we promise not to make you spend anymore than is absolutely necessary. We thank you wholeheartedly for your business and will make sure everyone who has made a commitment is 100% satisfied with our product.
-David and Jason
Cast-a-Way Toys LLC.

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