September 2008


New York, NY, September 23, 2008 – Captain Action Enterprises, LLC, Masked Avenger Studios and Electric Tiki are pleased to announce the Captain Action Statue, distributed by Sideshow Collectibles.

Captain Action, the very first superhero action figure from the 1960’s, is being introduced with a new comic series, new toys, apparel and now with a 14 inch polystone, hand-painted, ready for display collectible statue.

“It’s great to collect the toys, but we really wanted to create a product for the collector’s office or mantle,” said Captain Action Enterprises Joe Ahearn. “We reached out to Rubén because we’ve loved his work on many other classic heroes, like the Phantom, Zorro and Dick Tracy.”

It turns out Masked Avenger Studios' Ruben Procopio was perfect for this project! 

"I still have my Captain Action figure that my parents bought me in the mid 60's... what a lifelong lasting
impression that doll has made!  It was a licensing dream to be able to change him into so many

So when Ed Catto and Joe Ahearn approached us with the idea of doing a statue, I jumped at the
chance,” Procopio said.  “It's like coming full circle as it rekindles all those memories of joy and hours
of excitement Captain Action brought to me."
“We unveiled the prototype at the New York Comic Con, and the fans loved it. They’ve been asking for it
throughout the convention season,” said Captain Action Enterprises’ Ed Catto.
“As evidenced by the never-ending Captain Action items on eBay, collectors love Captain Action.
So we decided to make this a highly limited edition of just 250 pieces. Needless to say, the pre-ordering
has been very enthusiastic.”
Even the packaging appeals to the collector’s eye, as it is reminiscent of the original 1960’s Ideal boxes.
Take a look!
Statue Packaging

The Captain Action statue will be available in stores in December 2008, and can be pre-ordered now at

and through Diamond Distribution at your local comic book retailers. Suggested retail price is $149.99.

CA Statue Ad

“Sculpting this statue has been one of those dream projects and an opportunity to keep the legend alive... I hope the collectors and fans get as much joy as I had making it," said Procopio.
Statue Views

Issues #1 and #2 of the new, ongoing Moonstone Captain Action comic will be released in October
and November following a sellout of Issue #0, so the fan excitement is building. Creators involved
with the project include Fabian Nicieza, Marv Wolfman, Murphy Anderson, Dick Giordano,
Thomas Yeates and Ed Hannigan. Jim Shooter is supplying a very special forward for the first issue. 
Special surprises, such as vintage ads, are also included.
For all the latest on Captain Action, visit

Information on Captain Action Comics can also be found at The Captain Action Statue is #15 in Electric Tiki’s Classic Heroes Collection, for more info check out their website at Masked Avenger Studios upcoming projects can be found at and

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Captain Action Enterprises, LLC is dedicated to creating new Captain Action experiences for both the collectible/nostalgia market and passionate fans of adventure toys and fiction through licensing, recreations and creative innovations.

Masked Avenger Studios is a leading sculpting, design, comics and animation studio located in Burbank, California. Founded by former Disney animator Rubén Procopio as a tribute to the masked heroes of yesteryear, Masked Avenger Studios’ clients include major entertainment studios as well as licensed and creator-owned projects.

Murphy Anderson CA Poster On Sale Now !

Hey Actioneers!

It’s New for YOU! A brand new item in our on line shop. An all new poster featuring new Captain Action art by the legendary Murphy Anderson, colored by Scott Brooks and poster layout by Jim Alexander. Buy yours here at-

Team Action

Take Action… Get Action (and a Free Comic) Vote!


“TAKE ACTION- GET ACTION” FREE Comic with Voter Registration

New York, NY, September 12, 2008 – Captain Action Enterprises, LLC and Moonstone Publishing are encouraging fans to register to vote with their “Take Action- Get Action” Free Comic Giveaway.

The Captain Action Team is pushing for all Americans to register to vote, and will give new voters, with proof of registration, a free digital copy of Captain Action #0.

“Captain Action is all about taking action and we’d like to do our part to encourage folks to vote. In fact, as our new Moonstone comic is all about a new generation taking over- it’s very appropriate,” said Captain Action Enterprises’ Ed Catto.

Voters are recommended to visit sites such as and register as soon as possible (deadlines vary by state). Then all they need to do is forward a copy of their confirmation to . Moonstone will then send them a free digital download of the sold-out Captain Action #0.

“Captain Action is a great story and we want to make sure as many people as possible can read it. This is especially urgent with our ongoing series, which begins with issue #1 – on sale in a just a few weeks”, said Moonstone Publisher Joe Gentile.

“We feel passionately that when you have “Action” in your comic title – you’ve got to shake things up a bit and really promote action!” said Captain Action’s Joe Ahearn.

The first issue of Captain Action, features a lead story by Fabian Nicieza and art by Mark Sparacio, and back up stories featuring Mandrake the Magician and Fantomas. Covers are by Mark Sparacio, sculptor Ruben Procopio and a special homage cover by Marat Mychaels. This “event comic” also features a special forward by Jim Shooter, the original 1960’s writer. Other special surprises, such a vintage ads, are also included.

For more details on this program, and the latest on Captain Action, visit and

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Captain Action Enterprises, LLC is dedicated to creating new Captain Action experiences for both the collectible/nostalgia market and passionate fans of adventure toys and fiction through licensing, recreations and creative innovations.

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