October 2009

Heritage Auctions Original 1966 Aurora CA Painting !

Press Release 10/31/09Aurora Captain Action Painting at Heritage


Captain Action keeps ending up in the spotlight. Heritage Auction Galleries will be auctioning the rare toy package painting for the 1960s Captain Action Aurora model kit in a sale the closes November 20, 2009. The model kit is itself rare, adding the rarity of the piece of art.

Michael Eury’s recently revised coffee table book Captain Action: The Original Super Hero Action Figure provided the character’s many enthusiasts with an exhaustive source for details and minutiae, but the discovery of this unusual object has fully engaged Captain Action fandom.

The artwork is the original painting commissioned by model kit maker Aurora for the1966 release of the Captain Action model kit. A 2008 re-issue by Captain Action Enterprises and Moebius Models utilizing the image quickly sold out as well.

The identity of the painter remains shrouded in speculation.  It was modeled on the Ideal packaging with slight pose modifications. The original Ideal toy art is thought to have been painted by the legendary pulp painter Norm Saunders, but the artist who painted this derivative piece remains a mystery.

Private collector Mike Senishen offered the history of his acquisition of the piece. “The art was acquired through a purchase on e-bay a few years ago. The person had the original Captain America art that went to the original issue Aurora kit. After purchasing this piece, I then asked if he owned anything else as far as original art goes, he then told me that he owned the original Captain Action piece also. A purchase was made at that time for both pieces,” he said.

“I asked him how he came upon these pieces.  The comic shop that he visited had these original works of art from the recently (at the time) shut down Aurora plant. He would go into the comic shop with his grandmother, who he begged to buy him these pieces, which she finally did. The story also goes that there was a piece that he didn’t buy– the original Spider-Man art for the model kit!! The grandmother only had money to purchase 2 pieces of art, and he chose the Captain America along with the Captain Action.”

Senishen told Captain Action’s Joe Ahearn that he had these pieces displayed in his dining room for years.

“This is a great find” said Ed Catto of Captain Action Enterprises, “and it’s because of intriguing things like this that Captain Action continues to garner so much interest.  And we just love making new products and growing the mythology in new and exciting directions.”





Captain Action 3.5 On Sale this Week!

Hey Actioneers!

Evrer wish you could have a do-over? Well We did and we decided to take one on our Issue 3 to make it bigger and better. And we’ve made it extra special !

We ‘ve  got an all-new story by Steven Grant  and all-new artwork by Mark Sparacio, with the story between the story! Plus, the first story arc synopsis will bring everyone caught up to speed, and some cool extra ‘Captain Action Secret Files’ pages! It’s a grea jumping on point at just $1.99!!  Don’t miss it!


Team Action




Lady Action Meets Honey West!

Hey Actioneers!

Check out this commission done by our pal Mark Sparacio which will adorn the cover of Minnesota’s Fall Con program taking place this coming weekend, Oct 10 & 11th ! 

Team Action





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