December 2009

Captain Action Podcast on Non Productive!

Hey Actioneers! Check Out our interview which was so huge it spanded 2 shows on Non Productive– Near Mint Radio and The Loud Idiots! Our special THANKS to Ken, Frank, Pete and Den for a fun time on the shows!  Team Action

Here’s the link to Near Mint Radio –  (Capt Action section starts about half way into the show)

Here’s the Link to The Loud Idiots :


Lady Action Hits the Stands!

Hey Actioneers!

Because of the Holiday rush, Lady Action hit comic shops a week early this week so go and get yours today!!

You’ve  got a choice of Cover A which features another masterpiece from Paul Gulacy and Photo Cover B featuring our Lady Action spokes model Niki Rubin. The interior art by Jake Minor rocks and who better to tell the story of our British female spy than Brit writer Tony Lee! It’s a great read!


Team Action

Captain Action On The Radio!

Hey Actioneers!

Captain Action rocked it this morning on New York radio!

I was listening to the Q 104.3 Jim Kerr Rock N Roll Morning Show as I do every morning and tuned in in the middle of their question of the day segment. Today’s question was, ” What was your favorite toy that you got for Christmas when you were a kid?”  They were also commenting on classic toy commercials the staff was punching up on YouTube.

People were calling in and sending inemails, so I quickly dashed of this email to Jim Kerr:

Hi Jim!

My favorite Christmas toy came to me  in 1967. It was my Captain Action action figure made by Ideal Toys.  CA was thought up by the same fellow who created GI Joe. Captain Action could become Superman, Batman and other heroes by changing the uniform.

Today, I own the rights to Captain Action, and he’s making a come back in comic books, collectibles and other media.

Here’s his classic commercial !

Joe Ahearn
Captain Action Enterprises, LLC

A few minutes later I was in my car driving to work still listening to the radio and to my surprise, Jim read my email on the air!


Jim thought it was cool that I now own my favorite toy and quipped, ” That would be like me owning Tonka!”

Jim’s co-star Shelli Sonstein remarked ” I wonder when the movie will be made?”

Well Shellli and gang, we’re working toward that! We’re confident Captain Action will be on screen some day in the future! 

Many Thanks to Jim Kerr and and the Rock N Roll Morning Show staff!

Best ,

Joe Ahearn

Team Action



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