January 2010

Phantom Action Part 2 in February PREVIEWS!

Hey Actioneers!

Just a quick reminder not to forget to order part 2 of our Phantom Action thriller available for Pre Order now in February PREVIEWS! Great covers once again by Art Thibert and Mark Sparacio !

Don’t miss it!

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Ebay Auction uncovers new CA pics!

Hey Actioneers!

We were just alerted to this auction by one of our faithful, for a rare 1967 Ideal Toy & Games marketing catalogue which prominently features Captain Action! The Buy It Now price is $895. Many of these CA pages have been reprinted, however here are 2 pages newly uncovered, which shows the ultra rare Captain Action Swim Ring (You hard core toy collector Actioneers will also note that the background images of Captain America and Batman are the very same images used on the Ideal toy packaging )and, also uncovered — the Captain Action Raft!

Also, here’s a look at the cover of the catalogue which shows the Captain Action Emblem !

You can see the auction here at:

Just when you thought you’d seen it all– more new treasures!



Team Action

Phantom Action – One of PREVIEWS Staff Picks!


Hey Actioneers!

We were pleasantly surprised to also note that our Phantom Action book was also front and center as the #1 staff pick in the January PREVIEWS Staff Picks section! Here’s what PREVIEWS Staff writer Jim Kuhoric had to say:

Staff Pick (January10): The Phantom / Captain Action #1
Recommended by Jim Kuhoric

Those of us who are old enough to remember the Captain Action toys of the 1960s will recall that one of the coolest facets of the action figure was the ability to change from the Captain persona into one of a host of popular superhero characters.  This alone made the toy extremely valuable to kids because the figure became two toys in one and gave you more opportunity to develop complex and often convoluted play schemes. In a flash, he could be transformed into Captain America, Batman, Flash Gordon, the Lone Ranger, or the Phantom to mete out justice to the collected plastic villains of said scenario.

This month, the folks at Moonstone have stepped into the fantasy battles of yesteryear by pitting Captain Action against the Phantom in their first-ever comic book crossover (since the original toy allowed you to crossover the characters during play). There is something incredibly nostalgic about this pairing that has me incredibly interested to see what writer Mike Bullock and artist Reno Maniquis have in store for the iconic heroes.  Moonstone has been cranking out a respectable and quality line of comic books for over ten years and they seem to have really found a strong niche with these classic pulp inspired characters. If you enjoy classic action fare or are a fan of either character, this series is a must to check out in March! If only I still had the toys.


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