May 2010

Be@rbrick Captain Action — First Look!



Hey Actioneeers!

As previously mentioned , Captain Action Enterprises has partnered with Medicom to be a part of their hot line of Be@rbrick collectible figures. Solicitaions for this CA  figure which is part of Be@rbrick’s Seires 20 will be in the up coming June PREVIEWS out next week. We’re premiering the ad here now as it has been leaking out elsewhere over the web already. Also Because we can w’re also giving you a look at the prototype figure from all angles. We are honored to be a part of Medicom’s  milestone 20th series release.


Team Action

Action Figure Digest 188- CA Highlights Part Two


Hey Actioneers !

As promised here’s part 2 of our Tomarts AFD  #188 selection. Here CA is featured as part of a story chronicling the history of Action Figures. Here’s an excerpt and the pics!



Team Action

Action Figure Digest 188 – CA Highlights Part One

Hey Actioneers! 

In this month’s Tomart’s Action Figure Digest, #188 We were pleasantly surprised to see Captain Action highlighted in 2 separate articles! First up is a great 3 page spread from Shocker Toys featuring Captain Action as part of their Indie Spotlight series. The Captain Action 6 inch figure shown will actually be produced on one of Shocker’s newer and more detailed body types as seen here on the Zorro, Phantom and Fist of Justice figures. Also, since these pics were taken at Toy Fair, the latest news on the CA Indie Spotlight figure is that CA will not be paired with Zen, but rather with our pal Mike Allred’s Madman!

 Also not pictured in the Mallows section Shocker also will be releasing a Dr. Eville Mallow as well. We should be seeing more updated pics at San Diego Comicon!

Part 2 of our Action Figure Digest double shot coming up next posting!


Team Action

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