May 2012

Infinite Hollywood reviews Captain Action Basic Figure! Great Photos!

Hey Actioneers!

Here’ the latest stellar review of the new toy line. This time it’s the TRU Basic figure reviewed at Infinite Hollywood. Some great photos here!!  Click the pic below to check it out!

Team Action is Now Re-stocked with Wave1 Captain Action toys!

Hey Actioneers! is restocked with Captain Action and the Spidey and Captain America uniforms so get them while they are hot!  You can also check your local stores as they should be restocked there as well if not now then VERY shortly.

Click the Photo below for ToysR!!

Team Action


Captain America Deluxe Review from!

Hey Actioneers!

Here’s the last of the great Wave 1 reviews from!  Many thanks to Jason Devall!


Team Action


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