Captain Action – Character Background Part Three

The History of Captain Action, Part III:
The Action Never Ends… Captain Action Now!

By Joe Ahearn with Cynthia Green and Jon Stout

After the Playing Mantis captain Action line ended, I moved on and brought another project to Playing mantis a couple of years later — a collaboration between myself and another fella named John Detrich. We came up with a die-cast line of monster cars for kids we called CREEPSTERS which we worked on with Playing Mantis until they sold their Company to RC2/Ertle.  Shortly after this I received a call out of the blue from Playing Mantis’s old legal dept. which lead me to a scenario whereby I was able to get the rights to Captain Action!

Around this time i had befriended Ed Catto who was a fellow CA collector I met online through the Yahoo Captain Action collector’s chat group. We found out we lived near one another in NJ, and would occasionally get together. Soon after I got the CA rights I met with Ed and he was so enthusiastic  about it, I asked him right there and then to partner with me and thus Captain Action Enterprises was born!

Since 2005, Ed and I have been relentless in building the Captain Action brand. The first thing we decisded was to reintroduce back to the world of comics which we did in 2008 through Moonstone Books. Comic book fan favorite writer Fabian Nicieza wrote a 5 issue mini-series to return Captain Action to the public eye. Once it was announced, evreyone wanted to join the party. We got great cover art from industry greats like Paul Gulacy, Murphy Anderson, Thomas Yeates , Ed hannigan and the late great Dick Giordano, as well as then new comer Mark Sparacio who provided both interior art and painted cover art.

Back Row: Ed Catto, Lady Action, Joe AhearnFront Row: Mark Sparacio, Fabian Nicieza and CA statue sculptor Ruben Procopio

From there we went on to develop other projects for Captain Action such as  an on line shop, a re-issue of the original Aurora model kit, a collectors statue, trading cards, Mego -style figures, a coffee table book,  Medicom Be@rbricks and many other collectible items.

Captain Action Enterprises has been a staple at the NY Comic Con for the last several years, with our Lady Action spokes model engaging all of the fans and we have also made appearances at many other conventions including San Diego Comic Con and C2E2 in Chicago.

Much to our delight Captain Action Enterprises continues to grow and prosper. 2011 will see Captain Action return once again as a 12 inch action figure with character uniform sets based on Marvel characters, and will be sold nationally in ToysRus and our deluxe line through specialty retailers as well. Wave 1 will include Spider-man and Captain America, with more to follow in 2012!

Also in 2012 Captain Action begins anew in the comics with a brand new action packed series coming your way from a dynamite new publisher!  In the meantime, we plan to continue allowing the Captain to do what he does best – to bring joy to the lives of old friends, and to inspire a generation of new customers and collectors to keep the legacy of Captain Action going strong . Stay tuned–The action continues!


Joe Ahearn

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