Codename:Action Comic Mini Series

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Codename: Action is available digitally at COMIXOLOGY


Written by Chris Roberson

Main Covers by Jae Lee, Art Baltazar and Jonathan Lau

Interior art by Jonathan Lau with colors by Ivan Nunes


During the height of the Cold War, unknown forces scheme to heat up a global conflict. As key officials on both sides of the Iron Curtain are replaced with doppelgangers, the infiltration threatens to disrupt the precarious state of world affairs. The security of the Free World depends on a young secret agent, one assigned to shape the world’s masked heroes into a force with singular purpose and unyielding resolve.

As the Cold War threatens to heat up quickly, world leaders on both sides of the Iron Curtain begin pushing for armed conflict. But only a select few know that the ones rattling their sabers are in fact identical doppelgangers who have replaced the real leaders. Can veteran spy Operator 5 and new recruit Operative 1001 uncover who is behind these replacements, and what their agenda might be, before it’s too late?

Masked crime fighters in America come under attack when new legislation targeting them is passed, while tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union continue to mount. Operator 5 has gone deep undercover, but when things take a turn for the worst, Operative 1001 is the only one who has a chance of rescuing him. Or will 1001 find help in the unlikeliest of places?

Locating the enemy is one thing, but stopping the enemy’s plan is something else entirely. And what of the mysterious Dr. Thorpe? Is the scientist behind the doppelganger procedure more than he appears to be?

Infiltrating the secret island headquarters of the enemy, Operative 1001, the man who would become Captain Action and his allies manage to free the prisoners, and it seems that the day has been won. But when he learns the true evil identity of Dr. Thorpe, he discovers that the threat is much larger in scope than he had ever imagined, and that the danger is far from over and the battle has just begun!

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