History: Playing Mantis Era

Captain Action First Issue

Dr. Evil First Issue

Captaion Action, Dr. Evil & Kid Action - Second Issue

First-issue Red Lone Ranger, Re-issue of the first-issue Ideal Uniform Set


Tonto - Re-issue of the Second Series Ideal Uniform Set


Green Hornet - Re-issue of second series Ideal Uniform Set.

Kato - All New Uniform Set, created by Playing Mantis


Modern Boxes for the Phantom and Kabai Singh These boxes were mocked up for Toy Fair 1999 but never produced as the line switched over to retro style packaging.

Flash Gordon Re-Issue

Ming and the Merciless First Villain uniform for Dr. Evil Set contained a special tan-skinned Dr. Evil figure.

 Uniforms Go Retro!

In 1999, the decision was made to bring the line back to it’s original premise selling Captain Action & Dr. Evil figures separately from the uniform sets and to bring back the great retro packaging style used by Ideal in the 60s.  The Phantom was reissued faithfully along with the blue TV version of the Lone Ranger uniform. Dr. Evil was given his second ever costume Kabai Singh – Arch Enemy of  The Phantom. The Green Hornet and Kato uniforms were given the retro packaging treatment with new mask designs and accessories. The Speed Racer uniform set below was mocked up but unfortunately never produced for Kid Action. (Action Boy)

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