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One of the most celebrated elements of the new toy line is our Assemble-An-Avenger – featuring Marvel’s Battling Bowman, Hawkeye.   Each of the  first 4deluxe costume sets, offered elements of this character’s costume, starting with the Wave 1 deluxe Spider-Man and Capt. America sets, and ending in our new Wave 3 basic Iron Man and Wolverine sets.

Long time fans have always loved Clint Barton, the smart alec wise guy who first appeared in Tales of Suspense # 57 as an Iron Man villain. Clint soon was recruited by Captain America along with other reformed criminals to become the “v.2” version of the early Avengers.  Hawkeye, brash and impulsive, grew over the years from a griping dissenter to a true hero, leading such as the West Coast Avengers and the Thunderbolts.  (A unique footnote, Clint has also donned two other super-hero identities :Goliath and Ronin. ) Hawkeye’s always been quick to lose his heart to some of Marvel’s loveliest heroines, including The Black Widow, Mockingbird, and soon Spider-Woman, in Bendis’ current Avengers storyline.  A mainstay in the recent Avengers animated series, Hawkeye’s has also conquered the silver screen (after his debut in THOR) in the 2012 Summer blockbuster, THE AVENGERS!





And the Action from Tales of Suspense 57 was brought to life in this episode in the 1966 Marvel Super Heroes cartoon featuring Ol’ Shell Head , Iron man! Here’s “Enter Hawkeye!”    YouTube Preview Image



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